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How many times do you find yourself telling a friend about something new that you’ve tried and loved? It’s natural that we share with those around us when something is exceptional.  Now you have the opportunity to be rewarded for your enthusiasm.  When a friend or family member, talks about a product or service they love, people listen. They trust that their friend is not misleading them, and that the friend shared the genuine, positive experiences with the product to help others. People trust recommendations from their friends more than they trust any messaging that comes directly from brands.

Our goal at French Brothers Homes is to create lifelong satisfied customers who are not only thrilled with the home we built but with the way we do business as a whole. One of the best ways to promote our company is through folks like you who enjoyed working with us, who thought the experience of building a brand-new home was easy and fun, and who understand the value of owning a French Brothers Home.  If you feel like this describes you, then read on to learn how you can help us help others just like you.

We know that there are choices when shopping for a home builder.  We want to be your choice.  When you refer a potential home buyer to our sales office directly or through our online registration program, we will register them as your referral. When a Builder Agreement is signed and the home closes, you will not only be rewarded with the satisfaction of helping a friend enjoy a new French Brothers Home of their very own, but you will also receive a very cool thank you gift for your referral!  It is our way of saying thanks for helping us and for helping your friend. That’s all it takes. We do the rest. Our Sales Consultants will inform you when your referral initially registers and then when the home closes. All you have to do is what comes naturally – express the satisfaction of owning a brand-new French Brothers Home!

Referral Program Rules:

  1. Eligibility: French Brothers Homeowner, trade partner, friend or member of the community. No awards will be made to real estate agents/brokers or French Brothers employees.
  2. Verification: Upon receipt of either an online registration or referral card brought into the sales office, the sales manager will contact you to confirm your referral registration.
  3. Verification: Gift awarded after the successful close of a brand new French Brothers Home.

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