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Donate, Recycle, or Throw Out These Items in the New Year

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The top of the year is always a great time to assess your possessions. After you’ve evaluated your belongings you can then decide on what to do with the broken, outdated, or no longer needed possessions to clear up space, get organized and avoid clutter. Here’s a list of items to donate to a good cause or your homes in Alamogordo neighbors, recycle, or throw away now.


  1. Books you’ve already read, and probably want to reread or display in your home
  2. Hangers from the dry cleaners
  3. New or gently used clothes you no longer want or need
  4. Old phone cases and chargers
  5. Old TV’s
  6. Old vehicle
  7. Toys the kids don’t want or play with anymore
  8. Tools that you don’t use
  9. Unused flower vases
  10. Unwanted electronics


  1. Broken electronics
  2. Cut up and place your electronic and TV boxes in garbage bags so that you’re not advertising to thieves your new big ticket items
  3. Empty aerosol cans
  4. Expired tires
  5. Household batteries
  6. Ink cartridges
  7. Lightbulbs
  8. Old newspapers, magazines, envelopes, and printer paper
  9. Plastic containers and bottles
  10. Plastic grocery bags

Throw Out

  1. Broken clothes and coat hangers and donate any
  2. Broken or old suitcases you no longer use
  3. Dead or dried out flowers and plants or dirty silk plants
  4. Expired makeup, medications and vitamins. Ingesting or using old and expired medicines or products can be extremely to your health.
  5. Old pillows and pillow cases
  6. Old wash cloths and towels
  7. Planners or calendars from previous years
  8. Pens that don’t work
  9. Single pair socks or ones that have holes in them
  10. Tools that are rusted or broken

We want to hear from our homes in Alamogordo homebuyer’s. What’s on your?

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