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French Brothers Staff Spotlight: Jessica Alexander

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After moving to Alamogordo with her husband, who is a pilot and Captain in the United States Air Force, Jessica Alexander decided to join the French Brothers’ Team. Prior to that, she had been in many different trades as she pursued her college degree. Jessica worked a large majority of her time with a company that sells and produces the nation’s highest quality cheerleading and dance apparel and has been involved in sales for years. Jessica has also been a paraprofessional (special needs assistant teacher). She enjoys working closely with people and putting a smile on as many faces as she can.

Q.  What is your position at French Brothers and how long have you worked with the home builder?

      I am the administrative assistant and office coordinator.  I am brand new to this position.

Q.  What does a typical day as the front office coordinator entail?

         I am in charge of keeping things together and having the office run smoothly.  I work directly with our employees and work hard to make sure all their needs are met.  I also work closely with our warranty department and together we work daily to ensure the quality of our homes is held to the highest standard, even after the home is finished.

Q.    What is your favorite aspect of your job?

         My favorite aspect of my job is working for such an honest, true group of folks.  I am not from the area and was not in the loop on builders.  I have never been so impressed with the integrity and honesty as well as kindness from a single group of people.  These people truly care about their employees and every home owner.

Q.   What has been your favorite part about working with the French Brothers team?

        The sense of acceptance and work ethics is something I have not often been around.  Teamwork is in the air in this office.

Q.    As you continue to grow in your career with French Brothers, what are some of your personal goals?

        Some of my personal goals are to continue to grow in my knowledge of the industry, the company, the buying and selling process, as well as staying organized and driven.  Never to rest on my laurels.

Q.    What are some of your favorite things to do when you aren’t working?

        I love me a good rodeo and summer concert.  I enjoy my amazing little family which consists of my dog “Goose”, and my cat “Maverick”, as well as my incredible husband “Jerrod”.  Sometimes is just beautiful to wake up and feel fortunate for the small things I have.

Q.     Where do you currently reside?

         I reside in Alamogordo.  I find the community to be welcoming and kind.

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