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Get Fresh with 3 Simple Home Design Trends in 2022

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In 2022, home design is getting fresh and personal.

If you are just starting to build or moving into your new home in Las Cruces, NM, then we have three trending design ideas for you to consider as you decorate your new French Brothers home.

  1. Embrace your personal style and taste.

Instead of trying to tone down your design taste to fit into either a grey and white color scheme, try adding elements of color that make you happy.

Living in a beautiful desert community in a new home in Las Cruces, NM exposes you to the opportunity to embrace the southwestern style of décor. Southwestern décor includes Spanish and adobe home accents, ironwork and desert nature scenes. This design style also includes textiles like leather and suede and furnishings topped with shades of rust, terra-cotta, and cactus green layers. For 2022, drop these rustic color shades onto your white and grey palettes and layer in unique pieces of expression, art and regional flair.

  1. Crank up your cactus and go green.

Because of the pandemic, we are still spending a lot of time at home, and in addition, the home has also become our workspace. Add living plants inside the house to help improve your indoor air quality, help reduce stress levels, and increase levels of concentration. Fill work and living room spaces with your favorite plants and use them throughout your home décor.

Because of the great sunny, warm climate surrounding your new home in Las Cruces, NM, pull in those flowering cacti by adding them to your outdoor living area.

Also, add green plants or cacti artwork in unique ways such as in wall murals or gallery walls. We will see more flora- and fauna-patterned wallpapers and fabrics this year, as well as various shades of green paint covering the walls.  Instead of the deep navy dining room accent wall, try instead an emerald green shade.

  1. Stay sustainable with reclaimed materials.

Most people think of wood floors and wooden beams as reclaimed accents for their homes. However in 2022, factor in your personal style with any vintage or antique piece that speaks to you.

How about hanging a rusty iron gate or an old window frame on an accent wall?

Consider saving that solid older piece of furniture and refinishing it for a specific space. These pieces last over time more than most pieces sold out there today, so reclaim and refinish them for your space.

It’s OK to mix and match styles and pieces – especially in your southwestern new home in Las Cruces, NM – with both old and new.

Matchy-matchy is out. This year, get crafty with your space when it comes to a light fixture next to your simple line couch.  Add a decorative ornate mirror in the foyer entry area above a traditional storage bench. Take time to select fun pieces that create your personal style and make your home and workspace an inviting area for both you and your family.

Build your dream home and live the life you’ve been dreaming of in a brand-new home built by the French Brothers in 2022. Learn about several included interior and exterior design features that are found in a new French Brothers home in Las Cruces, NM.

As a recognized, award-winning home builder in NM, French Brothers builds homes for You.  Call 800-691-4375 or click here today and learn about several great and affordable new home communities.

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