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Get Your Home Ready For Back To School

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Before you realize it, the first day of school will be here! For homes in Alamogordo, NM, home owners can be ready for whatever challenges come their way in regards to schools by first preparing at home to accommodate remote or in-person learning. So here are some tips to help you prepare your home for whatever the new school year will bring.


At some point each day, you will have to prepare lunch for your children, whether at home or at school. So, you will need a stocked and organized pantry. To best organize the space, begin by taking a look at the existing status of your pantry. Do you have trouble locating some items? Can you easily see what you have? If you need to create areas for similar items, remove several items, group them on the counter, and then designate a place for them on a shelf. While creating and adding labels to that section of the pantry might seem silly, these can be smart additions to help keep your pantry organized when things get hectic. As you organize this space, consider the items you might need to make lunch time easier. Make sure you plan ahead for after the next grocery shopping trip to accommodate snack size items from boxes of single serve chips and cookies to single serve juices and apple sauce on the shelves.

And don’t stop preparing just for lunch. There can be other storage areas of your home that would benefit from better organization– such as having a designated space for paper supplies, writing supplies, first aid, and craft supplies.

Drop Areas

Once you understand how you and your family will most often enter and exit your home in Alamogordo, NM, then you will know which area to focus on for adding or improving a drop area near that door.

Look at nearby wall space and cubby areas to add a row of hooks and adjacent bins for each member of the family to store rain jackets and coats, as well as seasonal items like scarves and hats. Get in the habit of removing shoes when you enter, and add a shoe tree or shoe storage at that entrance/exit to help your family members from having those house hunts for missing shoes when it is time to leave.

Paper Catches

Add a hanging wall of baskets or another cubby area near the kitchen where each member of the family will have a space for misc. notes, permission slips, and school letters. Be sure to add one for the mail too. These catch areas will help you more easily sift through and find those instructions for a school special event day at the last minute.

A paper catch would also work well in your home’s flex space or office in Alamogordo, NM. This catch can help you collect and keep separate bills or house related items such as repair warranties, household to-do lists, etc. You can also collect and organize old artwork before it begins to clutter the kitchen island.

Working Spaces

If you do not have a dedicated space already, you will need dedicated areas for your children to work virtually, whether one day every two weeks or five days a week. Look for a working space inside a bedroom by adding a desk. Or create areas around the house that can be turned into a workspace.  A few ideas include adding a drop-down table in a flex room or add a small corner desk in a room or wide hallway. Use time now to carve out a fun space where they can feel comfortable and spread out.  This way you can leave the kitchen table open for family dining. 

French Brother builds new homes in Alamogordo, NM that are energy efficient and high performing with several included interior and exterior design features. Because there are a range of home sizes available to choose, French Brothers homes will be able to meet the needs of your family.

Enjoy the best of what a new home in Alamogordo, NM built by French Brothers has to offer, and see how easy it is to Live Your Dream. Call 800-691-4375 or click here today and begin your new home owner journey.

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