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Benefits of Ownership

Benefits of Ownership

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The Benefits of Home Ownership

Are you considering buying a new home but aren’t sure if it’s the right move for you? The benefits of homeownership are many, from increased financial security and tax savings, to the sense of pride you will feel when you first walk in to your very own home.Tax savings, financial benefits and much, much more.

You may know that you can deduct property taxes and mortgage interest from your taxes if you own your home. This tax savings allows you to either take home more of your paycheck each week or get a bigger refund at the end of the year. What many people don’t know is there are several other financial benefits beyond tax savings.

These include:

  • Increased financial security as you build up the equity in your home – equity that is available through a home equity loan or line of credit.
  • Build good credit faster which will result in lower rates on other financing such as credit cards and auto loans.
  • Discounts on insurance rates when you bundle home and auto.

Beyond Finances

Owning your home is about much more than a simple financial investment. Its about investing in your community, your parks and your schools. Its about investing in your family by providing them the stability and consistency of having a place to call home. Its about investing in yourself as you learn what pride of home ownership is all about.

A Place to Make Your Memories

Your home is the place where you’ll share stories around the kitchen table. A place where you’ll celebrate holidays with family and friends. A place where you will experience the full gamut of life’s ups and downs. From your baby’s first steps, to her first kiss, to her first dance at her wedding – its all about having a place for your dreams..

A Place to Call Your Own

When you own your home, you call the shots. Want to paint the walls? Go for it! Want a dog or cat (or both)? Why not? This is your home and you get to make your own decisions here.


When you buy a used home, you are also buying all of that home’s problems. The need for repairs will show up when you least expect it. When you buy a brand new French Brothers home, you get the security and certainty that NEW brings!

Not only will your home be all shiny and new, but it will also be better. Your new home’s appliances will be more energy efficient, the material used to build your home will be more environmentally friendly, and your floor plan will represent the latest in design concepts and trends.

Your brand new home will also come with the security of a New Home Warranty. Sure, you could buy a used home warranty, but how much will that cost? With your French Brothers home, the warranty comes included.

Peace of mind, brand new everything, and a warranty to back everything up means that your new French Brothers home could actually be less expensive in the long run than a used home.



When you are looking at a used house, remember to add in all the additional costs that come with it. The home may be in decent condition, but you likely will have to spend several thousand dollars in updates and fixes before you move in. Some of these costs are obvious, like repainting, appliances, and a thorough cleaning.

But add in a few chipped tiles, a small leak in a faucet and some landscape maintenance…maybe there are also a few dings in the drywall, a broken blade in a ceiling fan and you need a new garage opener, and how old is that furnace? It all starts to add up. Are you sure it’s worth the risk?

When you buy new you get peace and security, you get the latest and greatest in design and color options, and you get the home of  YOUR dreams, not someone else’s.

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