3 Tips for Improving Your Yard All Year Round
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It’s Springtime, Use these 3 Tips to Improve Your Yard Year-Round

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As the winter blues wear off, it’s time to start thinking of your curb appeal.  Springtime is the best time to begin any garden and landscape project around your home. Here are three main overview tips to improve your outdoor home and garden. While this topic may require more detail then provided below, these tips are general guidelines as we encourage you to do more related research and explore the options that best suit your needs.

  • Understand the climate and foundation of your existing soil and substrate

The desert climate can produce many beautiful options for your garden and landscape for those living in new Alamogordo homes. The climate in New Mexico offers a long growing season. Although it is a desert, the climate also includes potential difficulties from squally winds to intense sunshine.  As you explore your substrate, note that the desert is mainly a rocky, dry soil.

It’s important to check annual rainfall totals in your area as they may differ, even around the state.  Also, note any local wildlife that may want to invade and benefit from your garden or landscape choices.

  • Create a plan that suits your style for the area where you live

Whether are you looking to create a vegetative garden or just want to provide some beautification, it’s important to create a plan for your Alamogordo home.

For those looking at a garden, consider location. Do you have a fenced-in area? How large of a garden will you need?

For those looking at the landscape around the home, location is also the most important consideration. Will the roots of a growing tree become invasive to the foundation of the home? How much sun exposure or shade is needed?

Explore vegetation that is drought tolerant and does well in low moisture conditions. In some cases, a raised bed, planters or container gardens may be favorable. However, follow through on research to investigate the soil temperate and moisture compared to ground anchored beds.

  • Plant, monitor, and enjoy

Once you have a plan, you can look to execute it all at once or add it in stages over the next few years.

While planting seems straightforward, learn the best practices when introducing new flowers and trees. For example, a poorly planted tree may appear fine for a few growing seasons but eventually will die after a few years from improper root aeration and soil penetration.

Develop a consistent plan to water plants as needed. In addition, take time to inspect your garden or landscape regularly. Vegetation is not a ‘set it and forget it’ mindset, it’s a kind of partnership where you need to pay attention to clues and cues. Learn from experts what healthy flowers and leaves look like for plants in and around Alamogordo homes.

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