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Cozy living room interior inspired by autumn colors

Simple Fall Decorating Trends

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It’s Fall – that time of year when apples and pumpkin spice food and beverages turn up on every corner. Because of COVID, we are still spending a lot of time in our homes. Because of all this time at home, the inside of your space deserves some temporary, seasonal changes. Note: Your Fall décor does not always have to default to “ceramic pumpkins.”

As the pandemic continues, use the different seasons to inject simple and fresh makeovers to your space. So for this Fall, let’s take a look at a few simple trends to change up the look and feel of your interior décor of your home in Las Cruces, NM.

Warm and Cozy

As the season changes, being the feel of summer indoors. Bring outside colors in by concentrating on neutrals and earth tones in your décor choices. There are plenty of local cultural and art pieces to add to your home in Las Cruces, NM that will help you help you change things up for Fall décor. Try shopping local to add layers with rustic orange and dark brown coloring on top of your beige, white, and grey neutral foundations.

Fold in warm and cozy fabrics by adding pillow covers and throws in velvet, suede, and/or fleece materials to the end of beds, on top of couches and on sofa chairs. Look for accent pieces that have autumn orange or Amberglow colors. Also remember to keep using those decorative vases throughout the year by swapping live floral for dried arrangements of purple, green and orange.

Layers and Layers

Another easily décor change for your home in Las Cruces, NM this Fall is layering.  Laying keeps the above warm and cozy theme going. Easily layer a rug by taking a highly patterned rug that’s a bit too small, and adding a larger neutral color rug underneath. Or add a larger size wool rug that is smaller on top of a sisal border rug.  For layering curtains and shades, try adding heavier fabrics for instant warmth and coziness to sheers and light panels.

Vintage that’s Personal

From mid-century modern to the 1920’s, vintage pieces can have both meaning and memories, especially if there were passed down from parents or grandparents. Whether furniture or accent pieces, personalized homewares provide us comfort by adding things we know into our everyday surrounding. Not only are these great to mix in with existing décor, but they also provide conversation pieces for Zoom backgrounds or when company is over.

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